Wonderful people I work with regularly or semi-regularly or forever are:

Peter Katz | Peter Katz is almost always touring all over the world supporting a new release, most recently, We Are The Reckoning, which came to life in May 2015. It’s an absolutely stunning piece of work, his best yet, and I can’t get enough of it. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m Peter’s #1 fan.

Corin Raymond | Corin Raymond is, all by himself, a cornerstone of the roots music community in Canada. Corin is known as the King of the Small Time, performing every Thursday at the Cameron House from 6-8 PM. His latest release, Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams, takes you deep into Kensington Market, up (and down) several mountains, to the scene of Buddy Holly’s death and on countless other dreamy adventures.

Rob Szabo | An infectiously good singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Rob Szabo never stops working his magic. Did you know he won a Juno? Did you know he loves metal music? Did you know he is the nicest person in the world?

Jonathan Byrd | This is a guy who can play a funny, catchy song that’s all, “Did I get drunk last night? Reckon I did.” then turn around and slay you in your unsuspecting heart with a beauty like “Wild Ponies” – “It’s got to be lonely to be so free, always running like a wild pony, living your life like a wild pony.” JByrd kicks so much ass, it’s unbelievable.

David Newland | Sure, he’s a fantastic journalist, an arctic adventurer, a mighty co-founder of Roots Music Canada (RIP), an engaging event/festival/workshop host, and an all-around great guy, but what about his music? David Newland also happens to be a dirt-road, back-yard, vegetable-garden, sun-rise, sun-down, kiss your wife and tuck the kids in kind of folk singer. I just made that up, so hopefully he thinks it’s accurate. This is 100% Canadiana, at its best, folks.

Scott Cooper | Coop’s latest album “Quiet Company”, is a beautiful piece of work. Produced by Rob Szabo, it’s even available on vinyl, and boy does it sound amazing. Roots Music Canada’s Andy Frank(ers) loves it too.