One Year!

What is this beautiful and amazing life I lead?! I must be the luckiest person alive. To survive for one full year, making my living freelancing as an arts administrator, publicist, project manager etc., leads me to believe that the reason for my red hair is actually that I am a giant leprechaun¬†and I just … Read more

Gettin Hot In Herre

My Dad loves those Grammy nominees compilation albums and used to buy them every year to keep in the car. I guess it had a little bit of everything on it so it could please the jazzer inside of him, his ballad-loving better half, and their mish-mash of teenaged kids who musically had hardly anything … Read more

I Scanned My Hair

  How great are these cards?? I got them from You can upload whatever photos you want onto them or use premade packs. I scanned my hair for these ones… I was a little worried about it turning out all voodoo-y, but they’re pretty neat, huh? They are beautifully printed and cut and were … Read more