2016 – A Fine Year

I’d kind of forgotten how much I love music. A new job (in music!), some new pals (in music!), another way-too-fun Folk Music Ontario conference and some stunning new albums and performances came and knocked me on the head and said, oh hey, remember us? You live for us.

Oh yeah!!! It’s good to be back.

 I made a giant Spotify playlist of all the great music my friends made this year.  It’s a lot of music. It’s a lot of really, really amazing music. It’s also, I’m pretty sure, 100% Canadian Content. (#MAPL)

Do you have 17 hours? This is the playlist for you!


2016 Friends, by Emma Jane

  • 100 Mile House – Hiraeth
  • Christa Couture – Long Time Leaving
  • Coco Love Alcorn – Wonderland
  • Corin Raymond – Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams
  • C.R. Avery – All The Angels Didn’t Scare Me
  • David Newberry – Souvenir (single)
  • Emma-Lee – Worst Enemy (single)
  • Emily Rockarts – Mapmaker
  • Flatrock – The Hill
  • Hello Delaware – My Mistake
  • Jadea Kelly – Love & Lust
  • JF Robitaille – Palace Blues
  • Julian Taylor Band – Desert Star
  • Kaïa Kater – Nine Pin
  • Kev Corbett – On the River off the Lake
  • Lindy Vopnfjord – Frozen in Time
  • Mike McKenna Jr. – Travelin Man
  • Mike Todd – Good Man
  • Pretty Archie – Sing Alongs & Love Songs
  • Roger Roger – Fairweather
  • Scott Nolan – Silverhill
  • Skye Wallace – Something Wicked
  • The Double Cuts – Blast Off
  • The Small Glories – Wondrous Traveler
  • Union Duke – Golden Days

Here’s more that I couldn’t add to the playlist:

Some by people I don’t really know but that I love anyway:

And some other pals, not on Spotify:

Honourable mentions:
These two 2015 releases are still in high rotation chez moi.

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