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    EMMA is both my name and, by some chance, an acronym for Entertainment Management & Music Administration. This site features my blog as well as links to past clients. I am on contract at the Ontario Arts Council until October 2016 and until then am semi-retired from this bi'dness. Catch you later!
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On Conditional Acceptance

One-line summary of everything I’m about to say: Fat is either shamed or fetishized, and rarely accepted. I’m fat and, most days, completely fine with this. Being fat does not get in my way very often. I hardly notice it. I’ve written before about how I love and accept my body. Last week, some guy … Read more

2016 – A Fine Year

I’d kind of forgotten how much I love music. A new job (in music!), some new pals (in music!), another way-too-fun Folk Music Ontario conference and some stunning new albums and performances came and knocked me on the head and said, oh hey, remember us? You live for us. Oh yeah!!! It’s good to be back. … Read more

On being unapologetically ME

(Recommended listening while reading this post: Story You Forgot, by Peter Katz. [Duh.]) I have been thinking a lot about why I feel the need to talk about my body. Who am I to share these personal thoughts and feelings on the internet? Is it inappropriate? How do my parents feel about it? What if … Read more